TEN YEARS OF A DISGRACEFUL CAREER! From the deepest depths of rough Abruzzo’s batcaves they invaded Europe riding a rocket flown by Elvis’ zombie, armed with their lightning and burning rock’n’psycho roll. It’s The Fiftyniners, skilled and vicious as a bullet hitting your head while spanking Bettie Page. Their live performances have been described as a “Cadillac full of drunken skeletons that running over your brain and shaking your ass until you pass out”. The new album titled “Hard Times” is a recipe against global crisis, a super strong dose of bloody rock’n’roll.
[Giovanni Di Iacovo]

The Fiftyniners is an italian rock’n’roll band, formed in 2009 by Nick Alfieri that manages to successfully blend music from the fifties with psychobilly and punk rock influences.
Their first self produced debut EP from 2007 is so well received that their first official work titled “Thinkin’ Trippin’ Burnin’” (8 Records) is shortly after released on vinyl. The 10″ contains a rockabilly adaptation of Depeche Mode’s classic “Personal Jesus”. This release proves to be crucial in giving the band visibility in their home country with countless tour dates.
After a few line up changes the band from 2008 features founder member Nick Alfieri on guitar and vocals, Gino Russo on drums and Antonio Chiacchia on double-bass and vocals.
The trio releases a second official album titled “Psychorama” in 2010 (Twelve Records) accompanied by a video. The album is well received both at home as well as a abroad, resulting in positive reviews and live dates in Europe, thanks to the collaboration with the Mutoid Wasted Company and Trailer Trash. Their first UK festival show is at the Beat Herder 2012 in Lancashire.
With the 22nd of December 2012 to mark the 10th anniversary of Joe Strummer’s passing, The Fiftyniners pay homage to his memory recording live in the studio two of the most emblematic songs of his career: Sonny Curtis’ “I Fought The Law” and “London Calling”.
After a successful second UK tour in June 2013 the band is back in the studio to record their long awaited third album “Hard Times” (Ultrasonic Studio) to be released in December. The album is anticipated by the release of a new video of the track “Crazy Guys From That Crazy Club”, produced with the artistic guidance and contribution of Stilemio. The promotional tour is in partnership with Corner Soul (formerly Blitz Studio).

Nick “Nitro” Alfieri – Guitars, Vocals
Gino “Speedking” Russo – Drums
Antonio “T-Bone” Chiacchia – DoubleBass, Vocals

2013 – Hard Times (Ultrasonic Studio)
2012 – In The Name Of Joe – EP
2010 – PsychoRama (Twelve Records)
2007 – Thinkin’ Trippin’ Burnin’ (8 Records)
2005 – The Fiftyniners – EP (8 Records)