Hard Times

Hard Times - front cover

Ultrasonic Studio, 2013

  1. Crazy Guys From That Crazy Club
  2. Uncle Transit
  3. Roudie Is An Indie Boy
  4. Sleeping On The Back Seat
  5. Tingalingaloo
  6. My Sister Never Sleeps
  7. The Night Of The Broken Glasses
  8. Violent Grrl
  9. Rats Behind My Comb
  10. Rumblin’ Like A Big Bang Boogie
  11. Sometimes
  12. Hard Times
  13. Tears On Brass
  14. Fashion Of Rock’N’Roll

“Hard Times” is the title of the third Fiftyniners studio album designed to brighten the boiling summer giving you the right rock’n’roll squirt you need in this bullshit time.
The video of the song “Crazy Guys From That Crazy Club” is produced by Stilemio.



Nick – Guitars, Vocals
Gino – Drums
Tonino – DoubleBass, Vocals

Nick lead vocals on #2, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 14; chorus on #1, 3, 8, 9, 10
Tonino lead vocals on #1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12; chorus on #2, 4, 5, 11, 13, 14
Gino chorus on #5, 14

All musics and lyrics by Alfieri, Chiacchia, Russo
except #4 Alfieri, Chiacchia, Ricci, Russo

Bukkaquette on #1 by Adelina
Sound effects on #2 by Tonino
Combo Horgan Eko Tiger on #3 by Andrea “OmiCron” Fabrizii from I Farabutti
Female Vocals on #3 by Giada Scioli from Coconuts Killer Band
Female Chorus on #3 by Giada Scioli and Greta Vega De Carmine from Coconuts Killer Band
Sax on #4 by Lidia Bitetti from Rekkiabilly
Trumpet on #4 by Riccardo La Torre from Rekkiabilly
Sound effects on #5 by Gino
Ape Piaggio on #5 by Marco Mazzei
Extra Ramones guitar on #5 by Tonino
Theremin on #6 by Enrico Cannoni
Washboard on #7 by Peppe De Gregoris from The Rock’N’Roll Kamikazes
Mandolin on #8 by Diego Sartor from BluegrassGym
Classical Guitar on #9 by Tito Macozzi from Tito And The BrainSuckers
Lapsteel on #9 by Nick
1000 Lire rattling guitar on #9 by Tonino
Snaps on #10 by The Fiftyniners
Handclaps on #10 by Tonino and Nick
Extra screaming vocals on #10 by Daniele Evangelista
Blues harp on #12 by Christian Zizzi from ZZ King
Accordion on #13 by Toni Mancini
Gong tom on #13 by Gino
Extra metal guitar on #14 by Tonino

Recorded, engineered, mixed and edited by Riccardo Ricci and Ferdinando Ferri at Ultrasonic Studio
Mastered by Riccardo Ricci at Velvet Room Mastering c/o Ultrasonic Studio
Produced by The Fiftyniners and Ultrasonic Studio
Executive Production by Ultrasonic Studio

Artwork by Gioele Faieta
Graphic Layout by Adelina – PoisonArt
Live sound engineer: Daniele Evangelista

Thanks to Stilemio, Mutoid Waste Co., Trailer Trash, Irnerio XIV, Damiano Bosica and The Rockin’ Riot, The Rock’N’Roll Kamikazes, Rekkiabilly, our families, our partners, Nick Curran and Rock’n’Roll.
In loving memory of Guy Portoghese

Nick uses D’Orazio Strings
Gino uses Romano Drums
Tonino uses King Doublebass, Blast Cult, D’Orazio Strings
Partners: Blue Blanket Jeans, Inside Tattoo di Donna Mayla, Johnny Be Good’s Chicken Shack

©+ ℗ 2013 Ultrasonic Studio s.a.s.
Via Aterno, 138 – 65128 Pescara (PE), IT

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