On Saturday the 21st of December at Loft 128 in Spoltore (Pescara) The Fiftyniners will be showcasing their eagerly awaited third album “Hard Times” as part of the “You Wanna Be Americano Festival”.
Don’t miss this unique chance to hear the new tracks performed by the band with many of the guests that appear on the new album produced by Ultrasonic Studio.
There is free entry to the gig plus a complimentary free drink as well available to those who will walk in at the door with a secret password available via a Facebook message. Those who will purchase a copy of the new album will receive a second complimentary drink!
During the new year “Hard Times” will be toured up and down the heel and beyond thanks to the guys and gals at Corner Soul (born as Blitz Studio).
If you have any spare time to kill we recommend listening to a preview of the new tracks online and make sure you don’t miss the sneaky new video “Crazy Guys From That Crazy Club” produced by Stilemio.
See you soon!